At any time, all the code in SVN should be compilable and should pass all the unit tests. There is no guarantee that it will be full featured - this is a work in progress.

Latest build

You can download the latest build from our Build server kindly hosted by CloudBees Network.

Maven snapshot

Sonatype OSS repository hosts CSSParser snapshot, which is manually updated by the team once in a while. To use that, you can include the below in your POM:

            <name>Sonatype Nexus Snapshots</name>

Checking out SVN repository

Another way to get the latest code is through SVN. Create a directory for CSSParser (for instance c:\cssparser or ~/cssparsr). Change to that directory and execute the following commands.

svn co .

Compiling the code

The preferred way to build HtmlUnit is with maven 3

mvn compile

This will do an incremental compile of all the code.

mvn clean compile

This will do a clean compile of all the code.

Dependencies for IDE

Usually, you need to get the JARs for your IDE. You can do that by something like:

Eclipse: right click on the project -> Configure -> Convert to Maven Project

, alternatively:

mvn eclipse:eclipse


mvn idea:idea

This will create appropriate IDE project.

Running the tests

All the tests are based on JUnit.

mvn test

This will force a recompile of the java classes if needed.