The CSS Parser is implemented as a package of Java classes, that inputs Cascading Style Sheets source text and outputs a Document Object Model Level 2 Style tree. Alternatively, applications can use SAC: The Simple API for CSS. Its purpose is to allow developers working with Java to incorporate Cascading Style Sheet information, primarily in conjunction with XML application developments.

The CSS Parser package includes parsers for:

The parser is freely available and without charge and is licenced under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0.


To use the pre-packaged JAR file:

  • The parser requires JDK 1.5 or higher.

To compile the source:

Download latest release 0.9.25 (27.01.2018)

from the SourceForge Project Page     Change history.


Users are invited to ask questions and post feedback via the project's Tracker and Public Forums on the SourceForge Project Page.

Obtain the Document Object Model Level 2 Style Recommendation for details of the DOM interfaces provided. For more information on using the SAC interface, go to the SAC: The Simple API for CSS Home Page.